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About Starr Publications

Randy was a Baptist pastor for 38 years and is a father, and a grandfather. Shirley was a pastor's wife, and is an RN, mother, and grandmother. We desire to serve individuals, families, churches, and schools by producing helpful, Biblical, well-researched, and instructive materials at affordable prices. We hope you will try our books and give us feedback. If you find them helpful, we encourage you to recommend them to others and give them as gifts.  In the Summer of 2012, we added books by other Independent Baptist authors to our site for your convenience and edification.  We pray they will be a blessing to you.

Meet the Authors at SP

Randy Starr graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1973 with a B.S. degree in Education with majors in Math and Geography.  Sensing the call to preach and serving as Principal of a Christian School, he completed his M.S. degree at Bob Jones University in Education Administration in 1980.  In May, 2013 Fairhaven Baptist College conferred an honorary Doctorate Degree on him.  For 14 years, he served as Assistant Pastor to James Lewis at Harvest Baptist Temple in Clyde OH before coming to Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Brogue PA as their pastor where he served from 1990 to 2013. 

In September, 2013 the Starrs launched into a nationwide Evangelistic ministry (click on Starr Ministries above to learn more).

Shirley Starr home schooled her three children, taught ladies’ Bible studies, ladies’ Sunday School classes, and Bible Institute classes for women as well as counseled many ladies. The Lord has equipped her with this wealth of experience and a quest to keep digging in God’s Word for Biblical insights to share with Christian ladies today.  Shirley carries a burden for Pastors' wives.

William Hardecker, Jr. graduated from Fairhaven Baptist College in 1999 with a B.A. degree in Missions and an M.A in Bible in 2004. He served on the pastoral staff of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Brogue PA as Associate pastor directing Music, Children's ministries, and Missions from May, 2004 to 2013.  With a love for God, His Word, His people, and reading, Bill began to expand his ministry in 2011 with his first book, Disciplines for New Believers (an 8-week devotional guide for new believers), followed in 2013 by Living For & Rejoicing in Christ (a study guide for the book of Philippians).  In 2013, he began deputation as a missionary to the Philippines sent by Mt. Zion Baptist Church and arrived in the Philippines September, 2016.  In late 2014, He finished his third book, #Tott (Think on These Things), a 365 day reader.  He and his wife, Marcia, have 2 children.

Our History

The History of Starr Publications

Starr Publications began as a dream in the mid-1980s while Shirley and Randy Starr were serving at Harvest Temple (now Harvest Baptist Temple) in Clyde, Ohio. We kept seeing topics in our independent fundamental churches and schools that needed researched and thoroughly addressed. In 1988, we began publishing under the name JoMar Publications using only our Xerox electric typewriter and our Minolta copier, marketing to 3300 schools and churches.

After producing the initial flurry of items for schools, Randy accepted the call to pastor a country church in Brogue, PA in December, 1990. Totally immersed in the new ministry and busy raising our three children for Christ, we finished one series we had started in Ohio and wrote only one more title until 2002. In 1998, we changed the name to R. Starr.

However, with our children raised and serving the Lord, we prepared to continue our dream of meeting a need that up to then, had mostly been filled by New Evangelical writers using modern versions. In the Spring of 2002, we went away for a couple days to pray and discuss continuing our dream and how to accomplish it. With a plan that is slow, methodical, and doesn’t take away from our Lord, our family, or our dear church, we returned with new vigor to begin a new phase of writing.

Discarding the old typewriter and copier, we sent our manuscripts to be printed by professional printers. The improvement is light-years beyond any of our previous attempts as we publish now under Starr Publications.  As of the Spring of 2015, Shirley and I had written twenty-one books with many more on the drawing board.

In the Summer of 2012, we added books by other Independent Baptist authors to our site for your convenience and edification.  Most of them are discounted. We pray they will be a blessing to you.

May God use our humble efforts for His glory to challenge and direct the hearts and minds of His children all over the world to the issues of life from His viewpoint--the Bible.

Our Doctrine

Brief Doctrinal Statement of Starr Ministries

We hold to independent Baptist, doctrinal positions.

The Bible

We believe the original manuscripts were inspired of God and are preserved in the Authorized Version, the King James Bible for English speaking people. We reject all modern Versions. The Bible is inspired, infallible, inerrant, and God’s final word in practice and faith. All Biblical quotations in our books will be taken only from the King James Bible.  We neither study from nor use other English versions.

The Trinity

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are the three persons in the Godhead with different offices and functions, but with unity of purpose, attributes, and perfections. All three possess all the traits of deity, eternality, omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, immutability, etc.

Jesus, though pre-existent in Heaven with the Father in eternity past, came to earth born of a virgin, performed miracles, lived a sinless life, shed His blood, died on the cross for our sins, was buried in a borrowed tomb, and arose the third day for our justification. Today, His ministry is intercession for us at the right hand of the Father. Soon, He will return in the clouds for us.

Fall of Man and his need of Salvation

Man was created by the direct act of God, not by an evolutionary process. Because of Adam’s disobedience in the garden, all men have sinned, cannot save themselves, and therefore, need a Saviour. We believe in a literal, burning Hell as the eternal punishment and torment of sinners who reject the Saviour, and a literal, eternal Heaven of wondrous bliss for those who accept Christ.

Jesus is the only One Who met God’s qualifications to be that Saviour. We can only be saved by grace through repenting of our sin and placing our faith and trust in Him. The salvation He gives us is eternal and cannot be taken away. We are preserved forever. Christians have the responsibility to obey His commands.

We reject Hyper-Calvinism which says that God overrides man’s will in order to save him because His grace is irresistible. We also reject Arminianism which says you can be saved and lose it. Rather, we believe God made salvation possible and made man a free moral agent to choose to accept or reject Him.

End Time Events

We are dispensationalists believing that God had different modes of dealing with men in different eras. However, He always operates by Grace. In like manner, we believe in the imminent appearing of Christ in the clouds at the Rapture of the Church and the Judgment Seat of Christ for Christians, the subsequent seven-year Tribulation on earth, the return of Christ with His saints at the end of the Great Tribulation, the battle of Armageddon, the establishment of His millennial reign on earth, the loosing of satan for a season, the Great White Throne Judgment of sinners, and the New Heaven and the New Earth. We are pre-tribulational and pre-millennial.


We also believe in and practice personal and ecclesiastical separation.


Starr Publications Endorsements

RE:  Love Shirley's Book on the Home

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Starr,  I read Mrs. Starr's Harmony in the Home a few months ago and have also heard my pastor mention your ministry a few times at the church I attend in Arizona.  I am writing because I wanted to thank you for the blessing and wisdom I received by reading that book.

In all honesty, the harmony in my home has been a difficult thing to possess and keep, but God is working on us, and I have a blessed hope in Christ and am thankful for His grace. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for my husband and I as we are Christians married about a year and a half, but we have had a lot of bumps in the road.  Your book has been a great blessing to me. I desire to be refreshed and renewed and am eager to create harmony in my home and keep it!

I will be in prayer for your ministry, for God's anointing on your upcoming meetings, and for protection and safety as you travel. Thank you for giving to the Lord and for taking the time to be an example and teach others the wisdom that God has given you. It is hard thing to find but is a special blessing when it is found for a couple to write books that include the KJV of the Bible, who believe it and live it, and who are willing to share their wisdom.

Thanking the Lord for you and your obedience, "Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour." Romans 13:7                       [Arizona]

RE:  Feedback from a recent meeting
We met when you were here a number of weeks ago. I would like to thank you again for those messages. They have continued to challenge me in my walk with the Lord. Just thought I'd let you know that, Lord willing, I will be starting Bible school studies this September. I believe that the Lord has confirmed that He has called me to the ministry. Thanks again for encouraging me when we met, and I pray that the Lord will bless you richly. [Canada]
RE:  your books
We are both very pleased with the books we purchased.  They are of great use to us and are helping us to be better prepared to in-turn help others.  God will surely bless you for the service you are doing for Him.  [Hand written note from ME]
RE:  all of your books
Your books are so helpful, valuable and encouraging.  I've been lent a couple and also I own a couple of them), but the ones I've been lent, I want to replace so I'm ordering more.  Thank you again.  [email]
RE:  Cancer Earthquake, Grace Through Grief, & Grandma's Touch

Just today I finished your book about Cancer...   Praise God for His mercy in your life,  Randy.   I had also purchased the Grace Through Grief when you were here.  Reading in Ezekial today and seeing the 'refining process'  the Father uses--   that we may encourage others in the trials that come.

            I will look forward to the Grandma publication and want to gift that to my sisters and several friends who are grandmoms.   Thank you for all the Beautiful Scriptures and book contents.   May your experience continued blessings as you serve the Lord you love.    [AZ]
RE:  Clouds of Adversity & Women of the Bible v 5

I’m so glad God created you two!!  I wanted to tell you, Shirley, that your books are helping save lives in Creek County jail.  There is a young woman there, and she’s accepted the Lord as her Saviour; usually smiling and loves to sing—but she is going thru such a depression that she’s on restriction (like suicidal watch).  I’ve no clue what she did, but she was so glad to get Clouds of Adversity, Valleys of Despair; she’d expressed an interest in Esther, so I gave her my copy of your book, Women of the Bible, v. 5 - Powerful and Prestigious.  Please pray for her; So broken, so much pain and sorrow.  [OK]


RE:  The Cancer Earthquake

By the way, I wanted to tell you that Randy's oncologist in Florida, Dr. Li, ordered several copies of The Cancer Earthquake book from your website and puts it in her rooms when she is here in the office.  Most of the books have walked off with patients.  [FL]

RE:  Writing
Dear Shirley, my hope is to return to writing in August. You, my friend, have inspired me. I see the help your books have been in the lives of our people in our church. The outreach is much farther than a few speaking meetings a year. Thank you and Brother Randy for taking the time to write books we can trust!  I send my love and prayers.  [AZ]
RE: Grandma's Touch & A Taste of Honey

I want to tell you how much I'm enjoying my books. Grandma's Touch is so sweet!  A Taste of Honey so well stated.  I love when I read something that makes me thirst for more and to dive deeper into the Word!  Great job on both in my humble opinion.   [GA]

RE:  Dress - A Reflection of the Heart

Dear Shirley,

I was reading James this morning and you came so strongly on my heart!  I have been thinking of you very much recently, as the Lord is using your book, Dress A Reflection of the Heart,  greatly here in Okinawa!  I had prayed that the Lord would specifically send ladies to me who needed help in this area.  I literally had a friend asking for help last Wednesday.  She has been saved for two years and is growing.  Her eyes have been opened to the fact that she has two little girls watching and learning from her…”How do I know what is modest!?”—“Not what man says is modest, but what does God say!?” I remember those days and perhaps that is why the Lord would allow such a wretch as I to be a vessel!  Praise the Lord for your book and work in touching the lives of ladies!  Thank you for being such an ambassador of Titus 2!
RE:  Clouds of Adversity
Thanks for coming and Ministering to us so Loved and Enjoyed you both. I Loved the Clouds book got it for a friend now realize should of gotten 2 more for more friend.  [AZ]
RE:  Prayers of Christ
           Pastor Starr,  You may recall that I was teaching a Sunday   
           School series out of your book on the Prayers of Christ.  I had
           one lesson left (the 3 prayers on the cross) when our son was
           born so I wasn't able to complete the series in 2015. 
           Thankfully, our Pastor asked me to teach SS yesterday, and I
           took the opportunity to finish the series.  I was encouraged to
           be reminded again of the depth of Christ's love for me that is
           seen in His prayers on the cross.  Thank you for putting those
           lessons together as a resource. [MD]
RE:  Preaching & Teaching
Dear Shirley,
It was a privilege to get to know you.  Your husband's preaching was a blessing and your lesson to our ladies was also.  We look forward to your newsletters.  [CA] 
RE:  Horns & SP Website
Brother Randy:  I appreciated getting your note of encouragement.  It was a special blessing to have you and Shirley play in our orchestra on the Sunday evening you were here with us.  I enjoyed browsing through your website.  Please put my email on your list for updated information of your ministry.  [AZ]
RE:  Dress book
Good afternoon Mrs. Starr,

I am almost finished your book on Dress: A Reflection of the Heart.   I just wanted to let you know what a blessing it was.  Someone invited me to “the Baptist church” in our town shortly after I graduated from high school. I went and was so amazed to hear the Pastor preach with such authority- and he showed us where in the Bible things were written!!  Over time God began to work in my heart about what was pleasing to Him in regards to my dress.  The Pastor and his wife taught us the same principles as found in your book.  We've found that not all independent Baptist’s believe dress is important to God... and it’s a little tough to meet pastors’ wives in town in pants. 

To be honest, sometimes I have wondered, does it really matter?  It’s hard to find modest clothes!  Do I need to be set apart in this area?  And then the Lord gently speaks to my heart and says yes

Reading your book was such an encouragement.  There are others that believe how we dress IS important to God, and it was a good reminder to chose my clothes wisely and prayerfully.  Thank you for having boldness to speak God’s truth, yet in a non-confrontational way.  What a blessing!          [Pastor's wife, Canada]


RE: Ministry, Books, & Horns
Dear Evangelist Randy and Mrs. Shirley Starr, 
How thankful Mike and I are, along with many from Vision Baptist Church, who heard your edifying and Holy Spirit inspired messages.  Might the blessing of the LORD be pouring out in your lives as you share the hope of salvation and how vital a relationship with Jesus is.
We look forward to finding treasures in each of the materials that we brought home from your traveling library.  Might you have all you need in the way of grace, protection, His benevolences.  Thank you so very much for your horn duets and caring hearts.  [AZ]
RE:  The Cancer Earthquake
Dear Bro. Starr and Shirley,
I just wanted to jot you all a note and let you know I just read your Cancer Earthquake book. It was so good. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable. I'm so glad to know of a good resource to give to those who are going through the battle of cancer.  Just wanted y'all to know it was a blessing to me.  [PA]

RE: All of our books

Dear Mrs. Starr,

I am so thankful for your and the Dr. Starr’s books!  Such great material and rich for my own learning as well as lessons for my young singles Sunday School Class!  [Sunday School Teacher, PA]


Dear Shirley,

I want to thank you for sending me your Starr Publications Store website.  I bought your Cancer Earthquake  and The Place books at the 2015 Shepherd's Retreat. They both have been a blessing to me. I really like the way you each put your individual insight, thoughts, and what you went through in each chapter. I had a hard time putting the book down in anticipation of what the Lord did for you next! It was really fitting how you likened the whole thing to an earthquake.  I also enjoy the daily devotions and share them often with my three daughters. Thanks again.  [Pastor's wife, PA]


Dear Shirley,

Just wanted to send you a copy of a really nice note I received from my friend J____.  Her husband has brain cancer and I sent them a copy of The Cancer Earthquake.  I have also given one to a friend from high school that has cancer in lymph nodes in her neck and had to have part of her tongue cut out. They both were very grateful to have the book to read.

Thank you for your ministry in writing.  That book is a tool for me to use.  Many times we don't know what to say to someone that is dealing with cancer, except that we are praying for them.  My husband and I continue to pray for you and your ministry. [PA]


Hi Shirley!  First of all, a big thanks for writing your devotional, The Place.  Shirley, this is an outstanding piece of work.   Giving birth to this "baby" had to be joyous and demanding and exhausting ... all rolled into one worthy effort. 

Also thanks to the two of you for The Cancer Earthquake.  I have several people lined up to read it.  I really appreciate how open and honest you were about your roll as caregiver.  All of us know we can be called into that roll at any time.  I don't know how anyone without the Lord survives as a caregiver.  As my mother's caregiver for nearly three years, I thought the total exhaustion would kill me.  And here it is, thirteen years later...  Happy trails to you!  [OHIO]


Dr. & Mrs. Starr, Thank you for giving so much of your time in your meeting in our church in Maine to listen and encourage!  It was a true blessing to fellowship with you.  The preaching was both convicting and comforting and the music was a special blessing to my heart because it was done for God's Glory.

In the last two weeks, I have read three of your books.  So many times it felt like my own story coming from someone else's pen!  Although the circumstances were different, the feelings and fear were similar--even the Scripture that was used echoes the verses I have written in my journals!  It is wonderful how God brings people into our lives that know how to say things in a way we understand.  Praying for your travels.  [Maine]

I have read the books, The Prayers of Christ and Clouds of Adversity, Valleys of Despair.  Thank you for letting God use you--and for the wonderful fellowship last Sunday.  [Maine]


Dear Dr. Randy & Shirley Starr, I have used your books.  They are what the Baptists need.  [Preacher, Utah]

Bro Starr, Thank you for being used of God to put forth Christ honoring publications and hosting others who do.  It makes this much easier for us to find good materials to help us in our life as we strive to honor and please God.  [Maryland]

Dear Pastor and Mrs. Starr, I have personally been blessed by your materials.  I have read some of The Women of the Bible volumes 1-5 and learned much, but plan to read them again this summer.  The simple direct style in which they are penned leaves no room for questions as to the meaning.  I have also read most of Rescue 911 - Spiritual Diseases and was very convicted.  The truths portrayed in the book when your baby granddaughter died have been a help through some deaths of people close to me in the past few years.  I also recall my dad going through The Men of the Bible during family devotions probably at least 5 years ago and I still remember Enoch walked with God and that Nimrod was a wicked rebel.  My mother is currently reading your daily devotional book, The Place.  All of the books are not too far over my head and very common sensical.  Oh, I cannot forget Laugh With Lucy.  I had a great time reading it and was reminded that "disasters," "blond moments," and yes, embarrassing moments" are no respecter of persons.  Thank you for your books.  [Student, Indiana]

RE:  The Cancer Earthquake   In the midst of their Lymphoma journey while dad (Randy Starr) was having the chemo treatments), Dad & Mom (Shirley Starr) journaled.  They did it while they were going through it so that they didn't forget anything.  There are so many people that have cancer and so many caregivers of those hurting.  This was something that they felt they needed to write in a book to encourage others going through a similar journey. 

The Cancer Earthquake came out in late July, 2015 and sells for only $9.00.  If you know someone who is battling cancer, is a caregiver, or are struggling through cancer (or any crisis) yourself, I encourage you to get this book. They have shared Scriptures to encourage and so much more. God uses like-minded believers to encourage other believers.  Dad & Mom are sincerely praying that this book will be a blessing and encouragement to those who read it. ♥   [Marcia Hardecker, missionary to the Philippines, the Starrs' daughter]

RE:  The Place   Shirley, my dear, your devotional is even better than I thought it would be.  It is obvious you have done your homework and now, we the readers get to benefit from what you shared.  Thanks for using your talent for our Lord.  [Ohio]

Dear Mrs. Starr,   I wanted to thank you for today's devotional in The Place.  It was a real blessing to me as my morning started out well,  bad, and the first words of May 12th devotional asked just that!  God aligns His perfect timing!  You are such a spiritual blessing to me!  Thank you for investing your time in others.  I pray that the Lord rewards you immensely!   [Japan]

Prayers of Christ   Bro. Starr, your book, Prayers of Christ, truly helped me in a renewed dedication in my prayer life.  In seeing through Scripture the importance of prayer surrounding or encompassing ALL I do, I approach prayer in a totally different way.  God has used your book to teach me a closeness to God in prayer I've never known before.  Thank you.  [New York]

RE:  Harmony in the Home  Dear Bro and Mrs. Starr,  My wife and I finished working through your book, Harmony in the Home, as a component of our Family Time (Family devos).  We are excited to have our first child this year and appreciate your encouragement to get the books that have been helpful to us and will continue to be a great resource, I'm sure

RE:  Women of the Bible series Hello Mrs. Starr.  I want to tell you what a blessing your Bible study books have been to me.  Knowing what all goes into writing, I appreciate the careful study you have put in--especially the Women of the Bible 5-volume series.  Several times they have spoken to my heart and also have been an encouragement to me.  [Arizona]

RE: Women of the Bible, volume 3 Dear Shirley, During a time of trial in my life, when I thought that God was done with me, a friend gave me your book, volume 3 subtitled, "Helpless and Hurting." God reminded me that His Word was the answer for every situation we face. Thank you for letting God use you to write books on this desperately needed topic.  Satan would have us stay in our depressed moods and remain useless for God. But God cares about us, understands us, and loves us. [Indiana]

RE: The Prayers of Christ  Dear Bro. and Mrs. Starr, My husband and I just read The Prayers of Christ. We are both absolutely amazed at the wonderful truths and the revelation in His Very Own Prayers. I came away with a new and amazing sense of closeness and understanding of my Lord Jesus. I felt loved by His prayers in a way no human can express love. God bless you both.  [Oklahoma]

Dear Bro. Starr, I just started teaching the Young Adults Sunday School class in our church.  I plan to start a series soon to work through your book, The Prayers of Christ.   

RE: DRESS – A Reflection of the Heart   Dear Shirley, I have to tell you how the Lord has been working in my life, largely, because of you and one of your books.

 Our Pastor had asked the prospective choir members not to wear pants for any church affairs.  He said he wasn't telling us what to wear in our private lives.  Although I had privately thought that pants were a lot more modest, than the skirts that some of the ladies were wearing while we were working on the church.  I agreed to do it.

 My mother used to tuck her skirt up in her underpants when she scrubbed the floor on her hands and knees, and I did not like to see her doing that.  That picture stayed with me as I had my 6 children and played with them on the floor, on my hands and knees, picked up a million toy pieces and worked around the house.  Pants were the uniform of my days, although I did wear dresses to church, until pants suits came out.

 Then I started attending our Baptist (the last church I thought I would ever attend, having been raised AG) and I saw that many of the women wore skirts.  I still thought I would be more modest in my pants suits if I fell, (had several surgeries by then), than they would be in a skirt.   I did enjoy wearing the long skirts for church, but still felt that they were not practical at home.  From time to time, I would notice how nice some of the ladies at church looked but I still balked.

 Every once in a while, I would get this little niggling thought about wearing pants, but I would tell myself, they aren't tight, at my age, they are certainly not sexy!  And they are comfortable!"  I thought, Lord, if this is really you talking to me, please make it very plain to me.  Can you tell that I really did not want to make that sacrifice if I didn't have too?

 Then, not too long ago, one of the ladies testified about a sales person remarking that she must be a Christian.  I thought to myself, why would she think that?  Is it because she is wearing a skirt?  Do people really think that way?  Does that mean that I don't look like a Christian because I am wearing pants?  It really bothered me.  I even asked my husband how he really felt about women in pants.  He said he had never really thought much about it.

 I remembered your husband saying that he had never told you how to dress.  You always look so nice and feminine, and I wondered if that was the difference.  I had bought your books on flash drive and had not read them, so I decided to read that book.  I sat down and read it straight thru.  When I finished, I thought, "WOW".  The restroom door was the clincher!  Oh yes, and the lady who said she wasn't going to let a pair of pants keep her from a blessing!  Me neither!

 I went online and looked for a pattern (I am a seamstress) for culottes or a divided skirt.  I found one I really liked, that was out of print (or you could pay $15.00 for one!) I looked on Ebay and found the same one, same size, (just sold!).  There was another offer for one for $20.00.  "Bummer".  Amazon! I prayed that I would be able to find one.  There it was, same pattern, right size, $4.75, brand new! The Mailman just delivered it!

The next day, I wore a skirt, and my husband told me I looked really nice (he has never been much on compliments).  Then, he told me we need to go shopping and buy me some new clothes!  I had my women's Bible Study Fellowship that morning and everyone complimented me on how nice I looked. What was really funny, was, they were all wearing pants and as we stood up to sing, I noticed how all those pants looked from the rear!  I told my teacher to call me, that I had something to share with her.

 My husband picked me up from the study and took me out to lunch. Then, we went shopping.  By this time, I was ready to explode at how I felt inside.  I was just bubbling over! 

 We tried the good will store and found several skirts and two really pretty silk, down, jackets.  Everything was on sale for 50% off!  Then we went to the Salvation Army store and all clothes were 50% off. I found about 10 really nice skirts, some for church and some for home, and the best thing was a beautiful divided-skirt that was well made and must have cost a fortune new.

 My teacher called me that afternoon. I told her all that I have told you, and she said, "the Lord is really working in your life.  I personally have never felt convicted about wearing pants, but now we will just have to see…"  I cannot believe that such a simple thing was standing between me and a closer walk with the Lord!

 Thank you for your book! I just thought it was a matter of personal choice, not a spiritual issue. So, I can't testify about my horribly, sinful past ,and how the Lord saved me from it, but I can give them a lot of reasons why I now wear all skirts! [Maryland]

 I want to thank you so much for writing the book onDress. I have grown up in a Christian and was taught what was right to wear and what was wrong to wear. It's not just being told to wear this, but why we do certain things. I got saved last Mother's Day and have been really searching the scriptures lately about why I dress this way. My mother-in-law has been really challenging me on this subject. She doesn't approve of the way that I dress for church, because she would rather wear what the world says is ok for church. Now, when we have this conversation again I know the scriptures to use to help her see why. I praise the Lord for giving you the words and the ability to write such a powerful book. Since I have read this book, I have gotten rid of so many clothes, because they don't fit the standard that God has for me as a Christian young lady. I am a mother of two boys (soon to be 4 and 6 months) and I need to start showing them now how a lady should act and dress. My husband has been liking the change that I have been making. He was taught to wear whatever you want just look decent. He's been changing things as well and studying to being a preacher! I just thank you so much and give God the glory. (Email)

I thank God for you for writing that book about woman dress.  I enjoyed reading, studying, and sharing it with others.  That's why I'm praying for God's provision to order maybe 20 of that book to give to some pastors' wives and friends in Philippines.  I started making lessons and messages from that book for the future.  I love sharing the Truth. [Missionary wife in California]

After hearing about your Dress book from a church in Michigan, we bought it.  We don't have a separated church nearby so have not heard preaching on this topic.  However, we absorbed what we learned from this book like a sponge.  We have grown as Christians in this area of separation as we learn why we believe what we believe. [Preacher & wife in Maine]

Dear Mrs. Starr,  I am currently going to Massillon Baptist College in Ohio. This is my first year. I am in a Christian Life for Ladies class every Tuesday and Thursday. In that class we are going through modesty etc. Our teacher told us we were to read your Dress book. She told us it was the best book she has found for modesty out of the many books she has read. We were told to read the book and then do a detailed timeline.

I want to thank you for writing that book! It has helped me greatly and five other college students! There are even some more college students here that want to purchase the book and read it! The Lord definitely used your book in my life to show me the right way to dress and why. I loved reading your book! It was very down to earth and it all made perfect sense! I cannot begin to thank you enough for it!  I just wanted to let you know how much your book has changed lives for the good! Thank you!  [College student, Ohio]

 (From his August Prayer letter) ...We have been using a booklet that we realized the Dress book was written by Pastor Starr's wife.  This book has helped some of our ladies greatly in understanding God's standard of how Christian women should dress. [Pastor in Wyoming]

Dear Bro. & Sis. Starr,

I wanted to write and personally Thank you for writing the Dress book. It is one of (if not)the best book on Biblical Modesty that I have read... and I have read them all. What I find makes this book so effective is 1) It is written by ladies. 2) It deals with the heart of the matter just like it says on the cover. 3) It answers all the questions and deals Biblically with all the excuses. Your book has been most effective with helping women we know deal with this in their lives. The book makes it easy on the Pastor. I find that I do not have to preach on the subject nor answer any questions from women. I just give them the book. We give this book as a gift to Pastors, Preachers, and Missionaries! We also give it to new converts. My wife uses the studies in the book for lady fellowships and meetings. I would recommend this book to all Pastors for their churches. May the Lord continue to bless this book. [Pastor in Louisiana]

Dear Mrs. Starr, I just had to write and thank you for the book you wrote on dress. In a day and age, when it is rare to see Christian women stand up and take the "high road" in modest apparel, it is refreshing to see a book so clearly written on the subject. My husband and I have for years been doing our best to teach our girls why we wear modest apparel, but this book just made everything so clear that I am now having our 11-year old daughter read it and I have come up with a list of questions for each chapter to cement the truth in her head. For us, it is important that these convictions become strongly her own so that she will continue them on when she has her own family. It grieves me greatly that so many Christian women have taken this issue as the one they will "die for" and are determined NOT to give up their pants! Never have I had such a strong conviction about pants 'til I read your book. When my husband first got convicted, I agreed to not wear them because for me, my love was greater for him than the pants I was wanting to wear. Still, I could never express MY conviction 'til I read your book. What perspective! Thank you! Now, I'm desiring my sons to read this book too as they get older so that they, too, can instruct their wives on why they should be dressed modestly. My only wish is that a dear friend of mine who has decided to NOT listen to my convictions would read this book--you just can't argue with it. Thank you again and may God bless you richly. I know this book has blessed me! [Wyoming]

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for the books you and your wife have written. We have carried them in our bookstore for quite some time now. Our Pastor is reviewing “The Head Covering” at this time and I look forward to getting it on our site.[Bookstore Purchasing Agent, Book Heaven/Challenge Press]

Dear Mrs. Starr,Thank you for such a great series on dress and women of the Bible. Your books have been such a blessing to me personally, and as a resource with being a pastors wife. I am currently using Volume 2 and teaching a Helpmeets & Homemakers Bible study in our church. It is so hard to find good materials that are KJV and truly base the instruction given from the Word of God! In His Service [Pastor's wife, CT]

We have been in the ministry for 43 years and we are now doing missionary work in Eastern Canada, the United States, and the world. We are also evangelizing and doing home conferences. We are looking forward to these books. We have the others you have written. [Missionary Evangelist's wife, AR]

Thank you so much for the books! The greatest book I've read on biblical modesty, this book wonderfully illustrates and teaches from the Bible that the Lord is concerned with appearance! It shows that God's people should be and look like just that--God's people--with what is "holy & acceptable" in God's view! Your Dress book when read is able to speak to the heart that desires to surrender and submit. But it is only written to women desiring to be ladies of Christlike character. All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. [Pastor in TX]

Dear Mrs. Starr,

Thank you so much for the tremendous blessing you are to me!! God, in His loving provision, knew that newly saved women would need instruction in finding God's special place and plan for us. And as He lavishes His grace and mercy on me, I learned in your book He even wants to decorate me with beauty, grace, femininity, and all the glory so exclusively reserved for us, that men are forbidden from what is our! If that doesn't make a woman feel special, I don't know what does. Thanks to your willingness to teach others, I have a very important part of my walk with God under His control and guidance. Had I not read your Dress book I would either be unwittingly displeasing to God through improper dress, or I would just be following what I thought was man's policy of "church preference," neither of which bring the glory God deserves in my life. Rather, I have learned a truth, made a decision to submit to it 100%, and best of all, I know WHY I believe it!! My son and daughter-in-law serve the Lord at a church in Oklahoma. Their plan is to attend the college in that city where a Biblical dress code is enforced. She said that she would comply out of obedience to the school policy, but she has no such conviction, and would continue to wear pants at home. Someone gave your book to her at the same time someone at my church gave it to me. I drove out to see her, praying that God would give me courage and the right words to explaining what I so clearly understood from your book, which I intended to give to her. Lo and behold! I couldn't believe my eyes when she opened the door, your book in her hand and wearing a lovely long skirt! We smiled, hugged, cried, and did all that other girl stuff; and before I left, she handed me a trash sack full of pants an jeans for me to get rid of for her! You surely made my job easy, and for that I am eternally grateful! I have 3 more daughters-in-law to work on, so I will buying more of your books. I already know what they are getting for Christmas.[Oklahoma]

Dear sister in Jesus, The Lord has taught me so much. With God's directions from the Holy Bible and your book, Dress-The Heart of the Matter, God has opened my eyes. Please remember me in prayer. God has laid a message on my heart for the young girls at our church. I would like to have 10 more copies on hand for my sisters in the Lord here. Thank you! God bless you! [Pennsylvania]

Your Dress book is an excellent book. It is a perfect combination of boldness and meekness and doesn't stray from "Thus saith the Lord" to opinions. I whole heartedly recommend this book and would suggest that every Pastor keep several copies on hand. What a help it is to me! [Pastor in Virginia]


I enjoyed your book on dress standards. You know, when I joined the Army, I had some trouble with the uniform, which is clearly men's apparel. ... Wearing a man's uniform changes something in a woman's thought and behavior patterns...There was a difference in the way I moved and spoke, a certain harshness, it seemed to me. The toughness was troubling because I want the softness and gentleness of a godly lady, not the toughness that comes from competing in a man's job. It seems strange that what we wear and how we behave impact what is inside us, just like what is inside us impacts what we wear and how we behave, but it really does go both ways. It's difficult to maintain a "meek and quiet spirit" when you are dressing and living like a man. [Germany]

Dear Mrs. Starr and Mrs. Waltemyer,

I am writing to tell you how God has changed me in regards to dress and how your book played a part in my decision. (She tells the story for 2 pages.) I want to thank you both for writing this book because God used it in convicting me about my dress. I now wear a skirt or culottes all the time. I have gotten rid of my pants and I have ordered patterns for culottes from one of the addresses you suggested. Thank you so much! [Pennsylvania]

Thank you,

In this card we would like to say, Thank you for leading us to the right way. You showed us how we should dress the best for our King and nothing less! [Pennsylvania]

Dear Brethren,

Thank you for the books. We plant to carry them in the Camp bookstore as I travel this year. Praise the Lord. thank you Mrs. Starr for your work and labor of love for us.[Iowa]

Reviews by Earlyne Stephens and Jennifer Petticoffer of The Baptist Magazine, Longview TX July/August, 2004

Shirley M. Starr has written a delightful book on the much needed subject “How Christian Ladies Should Dress.” They cover the fact that we should be separated from the world and not to keep up with the world in the matter of our attire. Our goal should be to glorify God in our lives. How better can we do this than in what we wear (our first impression). I certainly recommend this book for all Christian ladies, not only for themselves, but to train their daughters while they are young to dress modestly and to have their own convictions about their dress. [Earlyne Stephens]

I am excited to see a new, clearly written, biblical book on modesty. Dress. the Heart of the Matter does more than give rules for Christian apparel. It begins with a chapter on the history of clothing in light of world history. The chapters are brief and to the point, explaining separation, modesty, identification, surrender, and other vital topics. The book would be excellent for a teen or adult ladies Bible class, since there are Scriptures and suggested assignments at the end of each chapter. If you are a pastor’s wife, church leader, or mother of daughters – this book should be part of your reference library. [Jennifer Petticoffer]

Dear Mrs. Starr & Mrs. Waltemyer,

Thank you for your book, Dress-The Heart of the Matter. A friend let me borrow your book—we have three daughters. We decided that they should begin wearing dresses daily… I have been wearing dresses only for almost four years and God has blessed me… Pray for us. [Indiana]

Dear Mrs. Starr,

I picked your book up at a Home Schooling Convention this year (Dress-A Reflection of the Heart). I wanted to tell you how delighted I was with it. I have been struggling with wearing pants vs. dresses for 20 years. I first heard of the concept 20 years ago in New Orleans. I had been told some of the verses, but no one ever went into detail like your book does. I would ask people why and what difference it made and no one seemed to know. I don’t think people who wear dresses all the time know why they do so. I wish these concepts were taught as well as it is explained in your book. I now think I can finally work it out in my mind to please the Lord in my dress. Thank you for writing such a great book.[Kentucky]

Dear Ladies,

Someone lent me your Dress book, and I really learned a lot. The Lord convicted my heart of some things. We have three daughters and are trying to raise them to dress to please the Lord and not the world. So I’d like to order a copy for myself. [Pennsylvania]

Dear Shirley and Lori,

Thank you for your Dress book. It has helped me to finally realize what God’s will is for me. (3 page letter) May God bless you as you continue to teach and reach out to women who greatly need this teaching![Pennsylvania]

Good Morning Shirley!!

I am going to send [the Director of their mission board] a copy of the book and ask him to read it and I am going to tell him that it is just the book and just the time to send it to all of our missionaries… It is a very good book and was written in a very good way. You and Lori are to be commended. I am so glad that I happened to [find it]. [Brazil]

Dear Mt. Zion Friends,

My heart was so blessed and encouraged to read Shirley Starr’s book on dress within the past year. I gave my copy away and would like to get a couple more… Thanks so much…may God bless you. [Pennsylvania]

Dear Sister in Christ,

Hi! I have been struggling with this issue of “dress” for about 2 years. I guess you can call me stubborn… Our pastor’s wife gave me your book to read. Wow, what timely help I needed. I have heard and used some of those excuses myself. Yes, I want to surrender completely to Christ, not just some. I ask you to please pray for me. [unknown location]

RE: Women of the Bible, series  We have all of the Women of the Bible series and my wife is planning to teach them to the ladies in our Bible College sometime next year. They are very well done and enjoyable. Thanks for the hard work that was put into them. [Kenya]

Dear Mrs. Starr,

The series of books on "The Women of the Bible" are some of the most practical teaching books I've ever seen. They have been a real encouragement to me personally as I was praying for something to teach the women of our Arabic church. What I really love about these books is that they deal with the everyday struggles that women go through. They also show us the consequences for the choices we make during these struggles. These books have been a motivation for the women of our church to live a Godly and submissive life. I feel that these books can be used to teach women in any culture because they are based on biblical principles that should guide all of our lives. Thank you Mrs. Starr for taking the time and effort in writing these books. I wanted you to know that your effort was not in vain. [Pastor's wife, California]

Hi Shirley,

I took your last book with me and reread your second one. The last issue was a gift from a friend and it was great. It inspires you to do your best as a woman. I love how you bring the women of the Bible to life and how you can relate to them. It was a real blessing to me. You are doing a GREAT job. [Ohio]

Dear Shirley,

Thank you for sending your books. I know with little encouragement, the books will sell very rapidly. I will be pushing them at Family Camp. Also I plan to carry them from the bookstore as I travel this year. I was so excited when [my friend in Wisconsin] showed it to me. I remember [another friend from Kansas] referring to your teaching material and how good it is. I was thrilled when I saw the book in print. Praise the Lord. Thank you Mrs. Starr for your work and labor of love for us. [Iowa]

Mrs. Starr,

I talked with you on the phone today about your wonderful book I’m reading. I’m so glad you’ve written additional volumes. I’d like a copy of all of your books. Thank you very much. I’ve really gotten a blessing from the volume 1 and have been wanting to call and get more books. You’ve got rich nuggets about the women. [Indiana]

Dear Shirley Starr,

When I was at the CHAP Homeschooling Fair, I picked up your book, Women in the Bible, volume 3 Helpless & Hurting. I just finished it this week. I’m writing to let you know it was a comfort as I’m in the midst of a trial that is causing me to faint. I can tell by your writings that you have a heart for hurting women. Please pray for my situation. I will be praying for your book ministry. [Pennsylvania]

RE: Clouds of Adversity - Valleys of Despair   Your book on Clouds came at just the right time. Our family has been going through a trial. I've started reading it through for the second time. Thank you. [Missionary's wife, OH]

Dear Mrs. Starr,

I am writing this with a heart of gratitude for your book, Clouds of Adversity, Valleys of Despair. You spoke about encouragement in one chapter and mentioned that sometimes the encouragement comes from people that do not know about the problem. Even though you you do not know the details and situation, you have been an encouragement to me through the book... It was a help as I was almost to the point of giving up...There are still difficult roads ahead (on my field as I return), but I am trusting completely in the Lord. Thank you once against for being a blessing! [Missionary-MX]


God has been so good [in our church planting ministry] to send encouragement just when we need it most. I am reading your new book, Clouds, now--very timely! I have been going through the same kind of depression you experienced. ...the Lord has been teaching me much these past few months. I am so grateful for those He has placed in my path to help me through this... Thank you again for your support and prayers. [Pastor's wife]

RE: Tattoos, Body Piercings and Cuttings   This booklet provides a much needed documented answer and remedy for three major evil cult-oriented practices that are becoming common in America today. The book carefully defines each practice, with documented historical facts that underpins the sad facts.The author delineates "eight powerful arguments" for avoidance of these actions, as well as two insightful appendices based on Scripture to help individuals overcome these unwholesome practices.[Dr. Donald Jasmin, evangelist and editor, The Fundamental Digest, v. 18, Number 6, December 2009-January, 2010, p. 4]

RE: Why We Use only the KJ Bible   Thank you so much for sending Why We Use the King James Bible.  I am a die hard KJ person and often am ridiculed for being stubborn and narrow-minded, but I don't care what they call me for my convictions.  I got saved and got my first KJB at age 8.  I've memorized so much of it.  This book will be very helpful in defending my convictions.  Thank you so much. [JH,  South Carolina]

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