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Summer Music Sale -New CDs

1708 Adv Flier -Summer Sale -7 Music CDs

Great Offer on Variety of Fabulous CDs

This month is MUSIC month.  Check out our new arrivals under Music & Software.  These are gems.  Some of them, we have negotiated for over a year to secure at a decent price.  Most of them sell online for $15-17 each.  We can offer them to you for just $10 because we buy in bulk Some of them have over 20 songs on them.

Look at the variety of music to choose from.  There's Piano solos (Joy Hardin), Harp Duets (the Halls), Trombone Quartets (LA Philharmonic), Men's groups (Fairhaven Baptist Church), and Men's acapella barbershop Gospel music (The Outreach Quartet -2 CDs).

If you order any 6 and enter the "6cds" coupon code at lower left of the checkout page, you can get them for $9 each! (total $54 +s&h)  Wow!  Don't miss out on this offer that ENDS Sat, September 2.


Go to our ONLINE STORE.  Click on "Music & Software."  Click on each CD to review it.  Click “Add to Bag” for each book you want to buy.  Then, go to checkout to finalize purchases enter coupon code.

To buy any of our books, click on “Buy Our Books” and follow the same procedure.


Also, NEW at Starr Publications this month--ALL of our books are now available in E-books for the first time.  If you prefer to read on your cell phone, computer, or tablet and save money over a hard copy, go to our store and click on either Randy's ebooks or Shirley's ebooks below the heading, "Online Store."


Another idea as gift to Missionaries, staff, friends, birthdays, & Guest speakers:  Buy our flexible SP Gift Cards and load them to the amount you want to give.  Shipping is free, and you'll have a convenient gift that allows them to make a choice of the books they wish to study.  You can even slip it down in a card!



  • You won't have to leave your home.  You'll avoid the crowded parking lots and packed book stores and wall-to-wall people.
  • Each of our book titles is reasonably priced, biblically sound, KJV, and Christ exalting—a gift that can make a difference in lives spiritually.
  • Not only will you get a good book for yourself or as a gift for a friend, but you will be providing funds for Starr Publications to continue to write and print more helpful materials for God's people.