Make sure you get your copy of this classic !

ORDER Alban Douglas' 100 Bible Lessons!

Alban Douglas' book, One Hundred Bible Lessons, has been out of print for years unless you live in the Philippines.  He wrote the lessons while a missionary in Manila.  Currently, you have to pay over $100 for a new copy on Amazon.  However, after long negotiations with the owner of the copyright, we have secured permission to be the only publisher authorized to reprint this book in the USA & Canada.  I have had a copy for over 20 years and love it. If I had to reduce my library to 10 books, this would be one of them.

Now, we can offer this great tool in either of two formats for just $17.  One format is 209 pages in ring-bound letter size (8 1/2 x 11) in 2 columns.  The other format is 418 pages in the handy statement size (5 1/2 x 7).  Buy either one for the same great deal.

HOWEVER, as a Pre-Publication special, we will offer either format for just $13.80 thru Wednesday, Jan. 22nd!  (We extended this offer from Mon, Jan. 20.)  We want you to have this valuable tool. Go to our web store. The first 2 books will be this book in the 2 formats.  However, Wed. at midnight, this item will revert to its regular price of $17.00 (which is still a great price on this invaluable resource).  $13.80 is really a steal.

So, Stock up for your church, school, college, Sunday school, homeschool, bookstore, Bible Study, Family, Missionaries, or for your own personal study.


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  • You won't have to leave your home.  You'll avoid the crowded parking lots, packed book stores, and wall-to-wall people.
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