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$1.50 OFF all of our books in January

1801 Adv Flier -Winter Sale

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Buy any book by the Starrs, Bill Hardecker, Tom Almanza, or Jenna Starr and get $1.50 off.  Imagine your savings if you stock up and buy, say, 100 books.  You saved $150!  Cash in today.

Every book is already reduced so start shopping.  Pick what you want. Go to the shopping cart and see your savings.  No coupon is required.  This offer is good through January 31st.


Remember --ALL of our books are now available in E-books for the first time.  If you prefer to read our books on your cell phone, computer, or tablet and save money over the price of a hard copy, go to our store and click on either Randy's ebooks or Shirley's ebooks below the heading, "Online Store."


Another idea as gift to Missionaries, staff, friends, birthdays, & Guest speakers:  Buy our flexible SP Gift Cards and load them to the amount you want to give.  Shipping is free, and you'll have a convenient gift that allows them to make a choice of the books they wish to study.  You can even slip it down in a card!



  • You won't have to leave your home.  You'll avoid the crowded parking lots, packed book stores, and wall-to-wall people.
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